Merit Capital Advisors, LLC

           405 Lexington Avenue, 26th Floor

           New York, NY 10017




Our Philosophy: A Sense of History, Work Quality, and Relationships


The power and utilities sector is undergoing unprecedented changes.  In this environment, we believe that clients value objective advice and thorough financial advisory services, both at a high strategic level and in terms of detailed due diligence.   Having seen the industry evolve over the past 30+ years, we are mindful of history and how various cycles have affected this market, which represents the largest industrial sector for capital investment.   Whether the cycles represent:


    • boom / bust new builds,
    • merchant / contracted IPPs,
    • utility diversification / “back to basics",
    • investing internationally / North America,
    • traditional commercial bank and institutional debt / capital markets and funds,
    • strategic players / private equity and hedge funds / international investors,
    • waxing / waning government initiatives for deregulation or for promoting renewables,
    • and most recently, the impact of low natural gas prices for the foreseeable future


We recognize that cycles may be the norm in this sector.


In this ever changing environment, our approach to serving this sector remains constant: classic project finance modeling, valuation and due diligence skill sets continue to be the necessary underpinnings to perform value-added advisory service.   We offer pure advisory services without promoting a particular product or solution.  The key to success will continue to be the ability to develop and maintain relationships with a core set of clients...who also continue to be our best source of new business and referrals.


What’s in a Name?

Choosing a name for a company can be a challenge.  For some the easiest path is to simply choose one’s own last name (or child's first name) or perhaps the name of the street where one lives often including a name of a tree or landmark.  Capital Advisors seemed like a good phrase to include in the name for an advisory shop but we still needed a first word.

So for us, it took some more thought to come up with a name.  Perhaps we settled on the name “Merit” to convey a sense of our purpose or values.  Indeed, “merit” in the dictionary includes the following definitions:

1. Superior quality or worth; excellence: a proposal of some merit; an ill-advised plan without merit.

2. A quality deserving praise or approval; virtue: a store having the merit of being open late.

3. Demonstrated ability or achievement: promotions based on merit alone.

4. An aspect of character or behavior deserving approval or disapproval. Often used in the plural: judging people according to their merits.

Having come from Wall Street Investment Banking, we are familiar with the concept of “meritocracy” in which young professionals can rise quickly in terms of responsibility and stature (and more seasoned executives cannot rest very long on laurels and can fall just as fast).

So, Merit Capital Advisors may be viewed as reflecting all of the above.
Actually, for full disclosure our name arose in a moment of inspiration while driving and seeing a road sign for … perhaps you guessed it: the Merritt Parkway